Recent Successes

Annette Henry successfully resolved a contested post-divorce payout by contesting tax analysis of stock grants, recovering over $200,000 more for a client that was being offered


Annette Henry was successful in getting court order for turnover of infant child to mother when father held the child in another state


Annette Henry obtained an annulment of a marriage for a client


Annette helped a mother obtain full custody with limited, supervised  visitation for the father when drugs and alcohol were issues


Annette helped a father stand up to CPS and maintain his full rights of possession to the child in his divorce


The Firm helped a mother collect back child support, and ultimately terminate biological father’s rights;  At the conclusion, the mother was able to maintain stability for her child


Annette Henry successfully represented a husband in a divorce, and upheld the property division through appeal


Annette Henry successfully obtained judgment against ex-husband who failed to pay alimony to wife.


Annette Henry and Chris Bell successfully settled cases for investors whose broker at a major firm enticed them to invest in a private venture.


Annette and Rita Lucido obtained a $2 Million jury verdict against an ex-husband who failed to honor the divorce decree and failed to deliver proceeds to his ex-wife from the sale of a business owned by the parties during the marriage.

Annette Henry and Chris Bell, representing an investor in a securities dispute, settled a case against a major brokerage firm for seven figures.

Annette Henry settled a possession matter for a family where drug and alcohol addiction was a major problem.

Annette Henry maintained a father’s possession rights when threatened by allegations of abuse against his stepson.

Annette Henry won child custody for a father after a Harris County Court found that the mother had engaged in parental alienation.

Annette Henry won sole managing conservatorship for a father in Galveston County after the jury determined that the mother had fabricated claims of sexual abuse of a child.

Annette Henry successfully negotiated possession rights for a father who previously had supervised possession due to drug use.

Annette Henry won a divorce and custody trial for wife and mother after Harris County Court determined that the husband and father was a drug user who was capable of earning more than he claimed, and should not have more than supervised possession of the child. The wife was also awarded 100% of the husband’s 401(k).