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Welcome to The Henry Law Firm P.C.

We at The Henry Law Firm, P.C. make it our practice to stand up for and offer guidance to people facing life's most serious situations: changes in family and finances due to divorce or separation, and loss as a result of a family member’s death. We also help individuals plan for and manage such life changing events with estate planning.

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Our Philosophy

We “win” the case when the outcome matches the client’s objectives. We help the client define those objectives from the outset, then develop a strategy with the client to reach those goals.

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An informed client makes better decisions and can participate in forming an effective case strategy. We strive to make information available to our clients to help achieve our planned goals. We maintain thorough communication with our clients, and we continuously assess the potential rewards and possible risks associated with each phase of the case. There is financial risk with each decision that is made as the client incurs fees and expenses. At The Henry Law Firm, P.C., we strive to be good stewards of the client’s funds so that each dollar spent moves us closer to the desired goal.

Planning Case Strategy

There are many ways to resolve a case, and different methods work for different cases. We will discuss litigation, mediation, and collaborative strategies to help our clients work towards the best outcome.

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Litigation is by far the most contentious manner of dispute resolution and gives clients little control over the process. When litigation is the best means to an end, we use our training and experience as trial attorneys to confidently present your case to a court or jury.

In appropriate cases, and when maintaining dignity and relationships is a primary concern, we will recommend collaborative law to help you maintain privacy, control, and to reach a productive solution to your conflict.

When children are involved, counselling and mediation may offer the best results. When the situation calls for it, we will recommend mental health professionals to work with families and aid in the transition. We sometimes use other professionals such as parenting facilitators and parenting coordinators to aid parents in learning to co-parent their children.

Team Approach

When you hire our firm, you are hiring a team to stand by your side. We have a trained and knowledgeable staff, experienced and available lawyers, and when necessary we partner with experts from other disciplines to fulfill the needs specific to your case.

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At The Henry Law Firm, P.C., we pride ourselves on not only on providing excellent representation for our clients, but in building strong relationships that enhance our representation, and assure our clients that their needs are being met

Recent Successful Outcomes Achieved

Annette Henry was successful in getting court order for of infant child to mother when father held the child in another state.

Annette Henry obtained an annulment of a marriage for a client.

Annette helped a mother obtain full custody with limited, supervised visitation for the father when drugs and alcohol were issues.

Annette helped a father stand up to CPS and maintain his full rights of possession to the child in his divorce.

The Firm helped a mother collect back child support, then terminate biological father’s rights; then completed stepparent adoption.

Annette Henry successfully represented a husband in a divorce, and upheld the property division through appeal.

Annette Henry successfully obtained judgment against ex-husband who failed to pay alimony to wife.

Annette Henry and Chris Bell successfully settled cases for investors whose broker at a major firm enticed them to invest in a private venture.

Annette and Rita Lucido obtained a $2 Million jury verdict against an ex-husband who failed to honor the divorce decree, and failed to deliver proceeds to his ex-wife from the sale of a business owned by the parties during the marriage.

Annette Henry and Chris Bell, representing an investor in a securities dispute, settled a case against a major brokerage firm for seven figures.

Annette Henry settled a possession matter for a family where drug and alcohol addiction was a major problem.

Annette Henry maintained a father's possession rights when threatened by allegations of abuse against his stepson.

Annette Henry won child custody for a father after a Harris County Court found that the mother had engaged in parental alienation.

Annette Henry won sole managing conservatorship for a father in Galveston County after the jury determined that the mother had fabricated claims of sexual abuse of child.

Annette Henry successfully negotiated possession rights for a father who previously had supervised possession due to drug use.

Annette Henry won divorce and custody trial for wife and mother after Harris County Court determined that husband and father was a drug user who was capable of earning more than he claimed, and should not have more than supervised possession of child. The wife was also awarded 100% of husband’s 401(k).

Practice Areas: Family Law, Collaborative Law, Probate Law, Mediation.